Mobile Marketing Trends to Focus this Year

Mobile Marketing Strategy

The amount of consumers accessing the web via mobile devices outweighs the desktop users. These days is not just enough to be “mobile friendly”.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

Mobile Search

Confirm your website is responsive so that it automatically adjust to the device being viewed on. This ensures that Google will rank you on its search results and you will not lose customers for having a not functional website. So it’s important that your website is visible via mobile search.

Mobile Payments

Nowadays, consumers are more comfortable than ever using mobile payment options. Make sure that your website accepts mobile pay for goods and services. “Buy” buttons can be found on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and with retargeting ads being used by marketers it can quickly increase the sales.

Mobile-Only Apps

We all know about mobile-only social apps, e.g Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope. These should be part of your mobile marketing strategy. Make sure you are always monitoring your social channels and that your message is spreading accordingly.  Don’t post the same post on all platforms at the same time. What works for one platform at 10′ o clock doesn’t mean it works for every other platform. Connect with your followers by posting in the moment pictures and videos that reflects your brands experience and attitude.


Marketing trends will come and go. What works now will not work tomorrow. But your growth should be increasing and you must stay current. Mobile will keep expanding its features and you need to have your business well supported and on top of the latest marketing strategies!