Re-evaluate Your Marketing Plans With COVID-19 in Mind


The coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis that is something we’ve never seen before. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it came with disruptions to the supply chain and we have seen empty shelves at grocery stores, and stress on Amazon’s warehouses.

In times like these, you need to be able to respond to change in real time. First of all marketers need to step back and evaluate their marketing plans and focus on what’s next.

Here are few steps to start thinking in order to re-evaluate your marketing plans.

Do Not Panic

No one succeed by stressing and panicking. Although times are tough, this doesn’t mean that you will pull back from your digital efforts. You may start cut marketing budgets to preserve cash flow but consider that keeping your business in front of consumers could help improve their perception of your brand even if they are not buying right noww

Re-evaluate your image, language, and tone of voice

Start by evaluating your current image. Start with a channel that you have more engagement. Evaluate your assets and messages from a new point of new like one that is living in a world with record high-unemployment rates, economic uncertainty and general anxiety.

Your messages, text or images should now take the impact of cultural events on your customers. Now, people may be in a more sensitive emotional state and possibly not in the mindset to make a purchase from your business

As this crisis goes on, the level of sensitivity required will start going down a bit. At some point some light humor can be appropriate in certain situations.

Adjust marketing campaigns

Let’s face it: your well-laid marketing campaign plans might have to be pushed back.

Craft a message that is sensitive to the current situation, takes into account your customers’ new situations and concerns, and is honest, transparent, and human.

Be Positive

Try your best to have a positive attitude and show your customers that you are there for them in these uncertain times and also still hopeful for the future. That said, watch that you don’t cross the line into possibly being seen as insensitive by minimizing the scale of the pandemic or its impact on human life.

For those businesses seeing lower sales during the crisis, take advantage of that downtime and be ready to come back strong. Focus on building up your SEO, improve your website and optimizing your site for better conversion rates.