Facebook to Retarget People Based On Their Offline Activities

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Facebook is making it easier for brands to retarget people with ads on Facebook based on their offline activities aka how those people come into contact with a brand in the real world.

Last month, Facebook reported that was testing a new way for advertisers to target people who had visited their brick-and-mortar locations. Now, the social network is officially rolling out that option, along with the ability to retarget people based on other offline events that Facebook can track.

The new offline-to-online retargeting options added on Facebook’s Custom Audiences ad targeting portfolio which originated as a way for businesses to take the information they collect outside Facebook and apply it to ads bought on Facebook.

Custom Audiences for offline activities – events

The ability for brands to retarget on Facebook based on how people interact with a business isn’t something new. But it’s easier now.

Brands have always been able to use Custom Audiences to target ads to people who bought something in their stores but it was up to the business to figure out how to do so.

Now, Facebook automating that manual process. In addition, last year Facebook rolled out its Offline Conversions API, which can be plugged into a store’s point-of-sale system or a brand’s call center to automatically pipe the information recorded by a brand to Faebook\s system in order to track conversions to a brands Facebook campaign.