Digital Marketing in the Gaming Industry

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Digital marketing is a requisite in the gaming industry. The gaming industry produces digital products, so it is easy to use different digital marketing techniques in the gaming industry. You can reach digital users through different digital mediums available. The gaming industry is going under some swift changes and marketing industry needs to keep up the constantly fine-tuning wither their marketing tactics.

Why Digital Marketing in necessity?

At the moment, the success of a business it is depended on the good digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is more like an obligation than option. In the gaming industry, digital marketing has more important role than any other marketing strategies.

Usually, people tend to associate video games with children. Studies show that average age of a modern gamer is 31. The gaming industry spends millions on marketing their products. This highlights the fact that it’s important to convince gamer to buy a product.

Digital marketing is constantly on the rise, people have more ways to access content than they had a decade ago. In digital marketing, you focus on targeting specific audience with creative campaigns, in order to get the attention of the consumers.

Most of the marketing campaign for the gaming industry are done through digital mediums like YouTube and others. Digital mediums help these marketing campaigns to effectively reach their true fan base.

The following are some of the examples of digital marketing strategies chosen by popular gaming companies

Heroes Charge

Heroes Charge is a mobile game that got 15-second ad during the 2015 Super Bowl. Even though the company paid a whopping amount to get that ad spot, millions of people watched the ad. This marketing strategy was a great way to get the much-needed push for that company.

Sony PS4

Sony used the reputation that built over the years when they launched PS4. In the new campaign fo PS4, sony decided to take the consumers through nostalgic walk down memory lane. The fans were reminded of the reasons why they owned a Sony console and why they should buy a new one.


Consumers are bombed with advertisements on a daily basis. It’s mostly seen-it-all before scenarios. Business owners must go beyond sharing funny cat videos or a catch tagline to garner buzz. The gaming industry spends a lot on digital advertising. That is clearly a good amount to invest as well as it shows how important and tough it has become to catch the marketing.