Stay Close To Your Customers During the Covid-19 outbreak

stay close to customers

We are all facing the reality of living with Coronavirus (Covid-19). While there are many uncertainties relating to the disease, one thing is clear and this is the impact on business and the economy.

Business across the world are reviewing their plans and prepare to take steps such as working from home.

The impact of working from home can have a potential detrimental impact on sales operations, including cancellation of meetings and events, supply chain disruption, changes in customer behaviors and a reduction in product/service demand.

However, business must stay close to customers. Digital technologies offer the answer to maintain customer relationships, minimizing disruption and maintaining resilience for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak.

In these difficult times everyone is going through the situation. It is more important than ever to maintain or even increase the customer experience.

Staying Close Your Customers

Track Changes

Many of the events and meetings will (by now) cancelled. Therefore, the customer picture is also changing on a daily basis.

It is important to track what is happening within your customer segments. Be in front of changes and get the latest real-time news about customers from range of data sources so to stay ahead and understand the changes.

Beware of Hype Cycles

News organisations and social media feeds often focus on what is trending rather than the big picture. They sometimes don’t distinguish between hard and soft facts. Especially during times of crisis, the fake news become even more in prevalent.

It is vital, that businesses have access to reliable insights and intelligence about customers and markets during the Coronavirus outbreak. This is because, they need to act appropriate and respond quickly to events and maintain customer relationships.

Maintain relationships at a social distance

Home working and social distancing will impact customer relationships. The frequency of face-to-face customer meetings is likely to be reduced or removed altogether, for a period of time and therefore the the frequency of remote communications needs to increase if businesses care and want to keep customers engaged with their brand.

Digital sales tools provide actionable insights and intelligence so that can drive content creation and highlight how the customer will benefit from an email newsletter or piece of content.

Work Smarter

Organizations will still need to maintain and drive growth, customers will still have needs and problems to be solved and salespeople will still have targets to hit.

Business need to work harder and smarted in such challenging times. There are many digital tools that have changed the way we approach work and now work can be seen as a thing to do and not a place to go.

Identify trends and insights and stay on top of their pipeline, stay in touch with customer dynamics, find information easily and respond efficienlty and quickly customer changes as well as reducing time-consuming routine tasks and freeing up capacity for more responsibilities.

Employers and decision-makers should act swiftly to provide their employees with the tools they need to work smarter and stay close to customers.