Google Updates its mobile Test My Site Tool with more competitive analysis

site speed

Google’s site speed tool now compares your site to your competitors’ and tells you how many visitors your site is losing because of your load time.

Google announced on the Google Small Business blog that they’ve updated the Test My Site tool. This tools was launched last year and was giving you a score about your site’s mobile speed. Now, the tool will show you how many visitors your site is losing because of your site speed and how to compare it to your competitors.

This tool doesn’t just estimate how long does it takes for your mobile site to load but also how many visitors you’re potentially losing during load time. It also tells you how well you perform versus your competitors by checking your speed on your mobile site compared to others in your industry.


Test My Site tool, will continue to give you action points on how to make your site faster by specifying in details, optimization techniques so that you can apply to your code and server. It will also continue to give you a score on your desktop and mobile speed site along with the two additional features.


Test your mobile site speed here!