Is it Okay to Automate Your Social Media?

automate your social media

There are couple opinions whether to “automate” or “scheduling” your content. We will explain why it’ s okay to automate your social media!

The Difference

Scheduling is when you write up a post and set it to be schedules for a certain date and time. You can use social media schedulers like Hootsuite, Buffer and other similar platforms. If you are scheduling your blog posts to post at a certain time during the day then you are already using scheduling to an extent. These are great for posting content at the optimal times but once they’re posted, that’s it so if you want to send out that specific post again. Then you will have to schedule another post.

What is automation

Automation is when you set up the content one time and it consistently runs without you ever having to touch it again. So for instance you can recycle your blog content without you having to touch it ever again after initially sending off into the queue.

Why It’s Okay to Automate Social Media

Because you can’t always be on to post at the optimal time

Have your social media content scheduled to go at the most optimal times throughout the day. It’d be difficult to remember to post manually each day while still posting at the optimal time so make it easier by using schedulers that will do that for you.

Because it saves you time

Posting on social media isn’t directly going to make your blog or business money so taking an hour or so every week to go in and schedule out content for the week is a lot more mindful of your time. Anything that saves a times out of your day is a win. Being able to use this extra time to do thing that either generate income or let you having free time is amazing!

You can set it and…. forget it

Using SmarterQueue and Boardbooster to constantly recycle previous content has been such a game changer. You schedule it into the queue just one time and having it constantly cycle through all the posts in your queue before restarting it.