Blog Metrics To Use Them For Growth

blog metrics

Blog Metrics To Use Them For Growth- Website traffic is the one thing that one can track. But it is not the only one you should check and be obsessed about! In this article you will find useful tips about digital marketing metrics that you should actually care about and will translate into actions for growth!

Overal traffic over time

Much more useful than just a total number, analyze the peaks and valleys over time. What happened at this high point? How can I replicate or learn from it? The low points?

Specific Post Traffic

Sort all your content by traffic to get a general idea of what’s working and what’s not! For high performers, what was it about this post that made it work? Topic? Format? Marketing strategy? Check all the possiblilities so you can see which one is working for you better and add it to your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Traffic by Channel

Sort traffic by channels (social, organic, referral, etc) in order to determine which channels drive the most traffic over time. Which channels are working? Which are growing?

Time On Page (Session Duration)

The longer a visitor hangs around, the better (for us, the user and Google). Try to see posts that you are ranked for and how to get visitors engage quicker and make them stay longer!

Bounce rate

Track this by post and/or over time. Are there any unread things on your site? Unwanted ads? Small fonts? Really long intros? get people to the value they clicked for and they more likely to stick around!

Social Shares per post

Use Linktally or Buzzsumo or you social share buttons (which showing share counts). For your top shared posts, what was it about those posts that reasonated? Any elements you can replicate or use going forward?

Inbound Links

Use the free Google Search Console to see who is linking to your site, and what they are linking to. People link to those for a reason. Find out why and you engineer the same “why” going forward. ]

Email Open Rates and CTR

Your total email subscribers means nothing with a low open rates! Regularly “clean” your list from those people who never or rarely open your emails. Also use your ESP to look for high-CTR emails. This will give you a clear image who and why did some emails drive the clicks to your site!