Ad Link – Understanding PPC Model by Google [Part 6]

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Ad Link – Understanding PPC Model by Google [Part 6]

Here is our last part of Understanding PPC Model by Google whereas the last part will be about the Ad Link. 

Think Long Term: Everybody wants to increase website traffic asap, but you will find more sustainable success if you continually plan the campaign over a lifetime. Nothing is perfect after a month as data changes so quickly.

Don’t be afraid of failure: When analyzing the data – viewing the bounced traffic and lost CPC can be disheartening. It is best to view this as “research”, as the data is very valuable, learn from what doesn’t work and improve over time.

Find an impartial judge: Have an outsider give you honest criticism (employees and teammates will always be biased). Criticism should always be appreciated – it is significantly harder to find honest feedback.

Less Conversion on mobile, not a waste: Even though conversions are comparatively fewer on mobiles, statistics prove that a good mobile service will lead to even more conversions once the user visits on another platform.

Make your landing page relevant: Google’s QS algorithm takes relevancy into account. A specific keyword in the ad, linking to an irrelevant landing page can cost you money in PPC bounces.

Keep everything up to date: It is easy to lose track of multiple campaigns, do not let an old one on the web. It can be destructive to your reputation if people spot an out of date offer or service.

Offer other relevant information: Don’t be selfish and only offer the user your product. Offer something extra and interesting, educational, fun or relevant to what you’re selling. You will never fall foul of compliance this way.

What does the user want from the click?: Some sites offer something amazing to bait the visitor in, then offer something else. Avoid, the bounce at all cost, make sure the user is getting what they are expecting.

Don’t forget to sell: Many websites get so blogged down including keywords and boosting relevance they forget to explain why people should use that service. Summon your inner Wold of Wall Street and sell yourself.


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