YouTube Update: Creators can see what other channels their audience watches


YouTube announce that on YouTube analytics creators can see what other channels their audience watches.

YouTube is giving creators access to new data that will make them able to see which other channels their audience watches frequently.

This data can be found in the analytics section of YouTube Studio on desktop.

Creators will see a new card that shows other channels that watched  by their audience consistently over the past 28 days.

Although these data can be valuable source of audience insights it does not give a clear and complete picture of data insights.

Videos an audience has watched throughout the past week could include trending videos, old videos and other types of random videos that do not reflect an audience true interest.

On the other hand, the channels that have been watched by an audience constantly over the past 28 days are more likely to represent data of audience and what they see when they visit YouTube.

It is important to note not to think about other channels as competitors. If an audience is consistently watching multiple channeles about the same subject there’s an opportunity for everyone to benefit through collaboration.

Creators can reach out to these channels and team up on projects.