What You Think Brand Is Vs What Branding Is

brand vs branding

What is the difference between brand and branding?

A brand is the perception people have of your business; branding is the process of actively shaping that perception.

If you think about it, everyone has a brand and is in the branding business, personal branding. What is personal branding? Personal branding is a deliberate attempt to influence the public’s perception of a person by promoting himself in some way.

Essentially, you are a brand. People judge you when they see you, whether they know you or pass you on the street. That perception can be shaped by how you appear to the world (i.e. personal branding) or how you appear (i.e. brand identity).

However, not everyone wants to capitalize on their brand by establishing themselves as an industry expert, increasing their credibility, or growing their following. That’s perfectly fine, but there are always options.

brand vs branding