How to Create a Brand That’s Real and Authentic on Social

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How to Create a Brand That’s Real and Authentic on Social

Social media is all about connection. People join social platforms to connect with family and friends, stay informed, get inspired and more. As social media marketers, the better we understand people’s personal motivations for using social, the better we can develop strategies that reach and engage them.

Here are five actionable strategies you can use to solidify your brand’s authenticity

Use real images

Stock images are often better than no images on a website, but they don’t show customers what your brand and product really are. They can’t beat picture of the real thing. Share real photos of your team members, your product and your customers in your markets. Te

Tell a story about you

On social media we see more or less the same information. However, there is one way to make your content seem unique and rise above all. Create engaging stories that make people listen to you.

Don’t post and ghost

This practice of scheduling content to go on your social media channels and then leaving them with no interaction can be the worst thing you can do in your brand. This is detrimental on platforms such as Instagram and twitter People like to engage with others. Business that post and ghost can easily find themselves in no man’s land getting little to no engage in their posts.

Be consistent

Post continually and find out what works and what is not working. Consistency i key with your social media strategy. If you want to raise brand awareness with your products and services you must be consistent to help you successfully grow audience engagement and reach.

Don’t strive for perfection

Perfect is relative. Who gets to decide what a perfect social media post is? Perfect for one business isn’t the same as perfect for another. Each business is selling different story to a different customer-base. What is perfect for one can be completely inappropriate for the other. Until you post something, you have no idea what will happen therefore, it is better to post something than nothing at all.

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