What Things You Need To Know About Your Customer

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What Things You Need To Know About Your Customer

Knowing and understanding your customer is key for a successful business. It allows you to create and improve existing products or services to meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. It also ensures that you are using effective methods to market and deliver your products or service to them.

In order to understand your customers and what makes your product or service attractive to them consider the following:

Who are they?

If you are selling to business find out what size of business you are dealing with and who is the decision maker? If you are selling direct to consumers you should identify the demographic information, such as age, gender, geographic location of customers.

What they do?

It is important to identify what is their job title or occupation. Find out their goals and needs. If you are selling to other businesses it is important to know as well who they are selling to.

What is their budget?

Although that the buying decision is more important than the price customers will have a budget that will influence their purchase.

Why they are buying your product or service?

Think the final result that you customer has in mind when they are deciding to buy your product or service. Do they have a specific task to perform or is it an emotional purchase? Are they trying to make themselves feel or look a certain way by using your product or service or are they trying to solve an issue?

How often they buy?

Do you know if your customers prefer to browse and buy online or they like to visit a shop and see a physical product?

What are their impressions about your competitors?

If you lose a customer or fail to win their business ask why they have decided not to accept your quote or why they have gone to a competitor. Ask your customers why they tried your product?

What your customers value?

Customers may not always place as a priority the value in terms of money or the quality. Sometimes customers they value more the reliability, relationships or the see if their expectations are exceeded.


In order to identify and find out about your customers you should listen to them through your channels including your social media. Be active and be friends with your customers. This will also help you to identify their customer journey and speak to them directly when they are facing issues. By doing this, you will be better equipped to make the right decisions and create or improve your products or services.