Webinar Marketing: How to grow your business

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What is Webinar Marketing?

Webinar is one of the best ways to build trust with your audience. This is powerful since as we move our leads through the buyers journey, trust is one of the biggest factors that will determine whether they will buy your products or services or your competition’s.

Webinars offer the perfect platform to dive deeply into topics relevant to your audience and really show off your expertise. People who attend are those who want to learn more about your industry and topics you are discussing and are willing to give their time and willingness to listening to you.

The primary goal of most webinars is to have a relevant audience who then become qualified leads for your company. Once you have the webinar topic chosen, based on your target market’s needs and pain points here is how to increase the attendance and then generate leads during follow-up.

How to Increase Webinar Attendance

Landing Pages

Before promotion begins, it’s important to have a simple landing page or pop-up on your homepage, so, interested participants can easily sign up for the webinar. Do not make registration complicated, as users will likely give up and opt to skip the session. The necessary information includes:

  • Date and time
  • Login Information
  • Registration form
  • Speaker info
  • Topic or Subject matter
  • Value of webinar -What they will gain or learn

Those who want to participate can just go to this page, sign up and have all the necessary details cialis belgique prix. Landing pages are essential in any kind of Online Marketing for scaling lead generation.


Email is crucial for increasing webinar attendance. On a scale of 1-5, email ranked 4.46 and was top tool for promoting a webinar Experts suggest starting to promote the webinar 3 weeks before the webinar so to deploy three email campaigns.

Different Emails necessary for promotion include:

Invite Email(s): Explain the value of attendance, why the person should tune in, what they will gain during the webinar.

Confirmation email: After everyone signs up, be sure to confirm their attendace with relevant information. Some companies send calendar invite.

Reminder Email: The average webinar attendance rate is 40-50% of registrants so make suer you remind people to attend to try to get those numbers up.

Second reminder: The day before the webinar (or that morning), email registrants wil a link and reminder of the time of the webinar.

Post-webinar: sharing valuable takeaways or exit content.

A thank you email is also important, but that is more of a lead nurturing tactic.

Social Media

Social Media is the second most used tool for promoting a webinar. Consider posting in relevand Facebook and Linkedin gourps, depending on your webinars content and target market. Promote your webinar with promotional posts through your pages leading to the registration page. Remind your speakers to promote the webinar through their social media pages as this will increase the attendance.


A blog is a great way to explain more about the benefits and value of your webinar. Since you don’t want your landing page to drag on and social media only provides a limited amount of space, a blog is an excellent forum to post an in-depth look at what will be discussed during the webinar plus speaker bios.

Companies who follow a clear plan for promoting and generating leads from a webinar can increase the number of clients from this extremely popular marketing tactic.