Social Media Content Calendar

social media content calendar

Do you have a social media content calendar? Do you know what you will post tomorrow on your Social Media profiles?

Without a social media planning calendar, you will most probably struggle to execute a successful social media strategy, meet KPIs and deliver impressive results.

A social media calendar does what it says. A calendar which will include all of your upcoming social media posts often indicating where you will post on, timing and any additional hashtags and the audience you will want to target.

While it seems that is unnecessary to have weeks of social media content plan, you will see that having a calendar on the site will be more strategic and that you will never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Some tips to Social Media Content Calendar.

  1. Which content to use on which profile?

    Before starting filling your editorial calendar, it’s essential that you know what content is working and on which channel. Sometimes what works on Facebook doesn’t mean performs well on Twitter. Your main priority on Social Media profiles is to increase your engagement rates, therefore it’s important to understand what resonates. This means that you will avoid serving unnecessary content to your audience which will result in low engagement rates.

  2. Variety is key to success

    Your calendar should include several content streams and you should also think about different ways to post your content. Do not just use only product posts, to try use animated content including videos, gifs, and cinemagraphs, to put across your message. An easy way to check that your calendar contains the appropriate mix of content is to decide specific days of the week to certain types of posts.

  3. Reference any event dates

    Make sure you reference any event dates that may be relevant to your industry, for example, if you are a fashion brand you may need to plan content about a close even in Fashion Week. A quick Google search can also help you to bring up any National Awareness Days, holidays and more. These kind of dates are most probably trending on Twitter.

  4. Post Frequency

    Social Media marketing has transformed the marketing world into a huge content industry. If you don’t stand out probably you will start getting lost in the noise. But remember, it all depends on your brand and what works for you.

  5. Timing

    Indeed, timing plays a vital role when to post on social media. It is not whenever you feel like it. Posting at 10 am could work for one brand, whilst for another lunch time may work the best. Know your brands optimum time by testing your content and you’ ll see your engagement rates soar.

Stay active and revert always back on your social media content calendar. For the first few months do test different types of posts, times. This will help you to formulate a strategic social media calendar that by the end will bring you the results of engagement rates.


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