Marketing Ideas You Can Do In 15 Minutes

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Have you got 15 minutes in your day to spend and grow your business?

Below you will need ideas to grow your social presence and do your magic things during those quick moments of the day so to help you keep growing your business.

Make a list of what social sites are bringing you the most traffic

You can find this report by going on your Google Analytics and following the steps in this sequence: Acquisition -> All Traffic > Referrals.

You will see a list showing which site is generating the most referral traffic to your website. Each site is linked to a breakdown of the actual posts people clicked on and land your site.

Check Your Top Posts In Your Facebook Business Page

To find out this information you go to your business page. Look the tab that says Insights and click that button.

Start tracking the activity from Your Facebook post and open a spreadsheet where you just write out on a piece of paper.

After you logged into your Facebook Page Insights, review your posts and answer the following questions:

  • What were the 5 posts for the week?
  • What time of the day you posted?
  • What day of the week you posted?
  • What was the topic or message of these posts?
  • Did you add a video, photo or ask a question?

The more you check your insights the more you will start to see patterns emerge. You will start to see what type of content performs more to your audience and what type of posts create more engagement with your potential customers.

Check Your Twitter Account

Once you login to your Twitter Account check your Notifications section.

  • Did someone new follow you? Click on their profile and decide if you want to follow them back Look their tweets and retweet a tweet or comment on one of their tweets if its of your interest.
  • Did someone retweet you or promoted a product of yours? Hit the reply button under their tweet and thank them for sharing your stuff. Do it in a way that is not an automatic reply but a real one comment by you!

Check Your LinkedIn Account

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to post on Linkedin profile. This is also happening to us!

Linkedin profiles are also important because if someone search on Google with your name, Linkedin will come up as an option. This may be one of the first places where a potential customer or partner will first learn about you so make sure that the information there is up to date.

  • Did you recently add a new product or service? Add that by your profile under the Project Section.
  • Did you write a guest post on another blog? Add it under the Publications section.
  • Is you service changed? Make sure to update you Summary section and Experience section.

Find New People in Instagram to follow

Doing search for people who do same work as you do is great way to see how others in your industry are using Instagram. People who are like you and small businesses will surprising find out that they are most probably will follow you back.

In addition, make a note of their hashtags, so you can use some of them and see what works for your account as well.

Comment on Blogs

Take the whole 15 minutes you have to read and understand the article. Think your comment and what could you say that can add to the conversation?

It doesn’t matter if the article was posted a month ago. The reason to do this is to spend some time and craft your own comments that can add to the conversation and contribute to it and start having a connection with other bloggers.


Take a moment to think how far you have come. All the things you done and craft your next to do list on what you are going to work next.