How to Get Accepted Into an Affiliate Network

How to Get Accepted Into an Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is a huge business with new affiliates joining every day. The data collected in the infographic below, courtesy to HostingTribunal, shows affiliate marketing is worth over $12 billion globally and has a 10% annual growth rate. By all accounts, becoming an affiliate is a lucrative opportunity.

That’s why it’s such a bummer when you don’t get approved by an affiliate network. You’re trying to make them money, so they should accept you no questions asked, right?

It‘s true. However, affiliate networks have to assign you an affiliate manager when you start. They don’t want to waste resources so you need to prove two things: that you’re not a fraud and that you can make money.

The former is nothing to be afraid of. Just don’t violate any terms of use and follow the affiliate network’s instructions. The network may ask for some identification information. If they do, send them a scan of a personal document or a proof of address (utility bill or a bank statement).

You also have to show the network you’re a professional who knows the rules of the game. You can’t expect your affiliate manager to hold your hand the entire time.

Instead, take the initiative and show you have a clear plan with clear goals. Mention your strategy, the traffic sources you want to use, your monthly budget, etc.

Make sure you learn at least the basic theory behind affiliate marketing and that you’re familiar with all the terms of the business. The biggest mistake you can make is to say “I want to make X money. Show me how to do it.”

If you sound professional and say nothing fishy, you will get approved in no time.

As for learning more about affiliate marketing, this infographic can get you started.

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Many thanks to Josh Wardini from Webmastersjury for his contribution.