How to Engage your Visitors & Take Actions on Your Site

How to Engage your Visitors & Take Actions on Your Site

How to Engage your Visitors & Take Actions on Your Site

Providing valuable offers to your visitors is not difficult but to make your visitor click and engage with your content is somehow not that easy! A simple CTA (Call-to-action) button is not attracting anyone anymore. But in order to catch his eye let’s see what you can do!

  1.  Free Trials

    By offering free content to your visitors is a great way for you to get leads. If someone clicks on the button which offers free trial, it means that your visitor is interested and want to buy from your service or product. In order you benefited from that lead, ask them halfway their subscription if they have any feedback for your product/service.

  2. Fonts

    Cool fonts is something that also plays a vital role in your site in order to engage your visitors. Avoid something that is common and change to something that will make you stand out from others. Always remember, to provide user-friendly reading and not something that in the end will not be able to read.


  3. Big Buttons

    Big buttons for CTA (Call-To-Action ) are working best for users as they will make them to go and click! Also, try out a different shape and color! Make something that users haven’t seen before and stand out!

  4. Expirations Date/Time

    By adding expiration date/time on an offer will increase your click rate. This happens as by having “30 days Free trial” grabs the attention and push the user to go and grab your offer! This will also work with step 3. Big buttons for the right CTA (Call-to-Action).

All of the above techniques are easy to implement. Try search online to find ideas that might work better for your business. In this way you can test different techniques and understand your audience better. Test and more leads are on the way!