6 Social Media Posts That Will Grow Your Sales

grow your sales

6 Social Media Posts That Will Grow Your Sales

Selling on social media is balance between serving and selling. Marketers are expected to keep the audience up-to-date with fresh posts, which is of course tough. However, your followers want to see your new content and you are expected to deliver consistently.

Therefore, marketers need to have variety of social media posts that not only serve with knowledge your customers but also can grow your business.

If you already running out of ideas below you can find some:

Problem, Solution, Offer

This is one idea that actually works a lot, especially by creating videos. Pin point a problem and find a solution for it. Teach the solution and then explain to your customers how they can apply it and run your solution.

Teachable Moments

Share a teachable moment from a recent conversation with  customer. This highlights your customers progress and success while you also offer free value to your audience.

Success Stories

Showcase your client’s success stories which a service your provide to them helped them to succeed. In this way more potential clients will trust that your services are working and can work with you.

Highlight the “Insides”

If you are currently running a promotion, show them exactly what they can do with it. Let them know the “ins” and how they can benefit and what they can achieve by acquiring your offer.

Share your Offers

Share free value that assist your customers with knowledge For instance, share free samples and present your offer so that people come back if they like it.

Question Your Customers

Ask questions so your customers identify the problem which may facing and then present your offer as a solution to them.