5 ways to Optimize your Facebook Ads

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5 ways to Optimize your Facebook Ads

So, you have been using Facebook ads for a long time now? Do you actually see any leads? Can you see any success with your Facebook ads?

Many questions can go through someone’s mind, while advertising online. In this blog entry will discuss some of the optimization tips that can help you see success with your Facebook Ad account.

Question: Do you target the right audience?

Not focusing on the right audience can harm your advertising budget. A big mistake that most of the people do, is when they do not target the right audience. Obviously, such way, can spend money on people who do not have an interest in their ads. While you are setting up your ad, Facebook prompts you do choose your audience by: Location, Demographics, Language and Parental Restrictions. If you are a local business, you cannot advertise in a country or city that you will not be able to serve your customers. Segmenting, your ads by choosing your location and/or age that your product appeals to, you will save money and get at the same time the right conversions from people.

Question: Which post to boost?

It is often the case, that you are sharing a blog entry and you can see that many people reacted on your post (shares and likes). In such case, you will likely, want to promote this post as it may be interested to a broad group of people. Think, friends of friends option. Facebook, also provides the option of “Connections” where you can choose to broaden your audience by choosing the option of “Friends of people who liked your page”. This option, will help friends of your already existent audience to know about you as well.

Question: What type of images are you using?

A/B test your images. Try to use different variety of images and see which one is more appealing within your audience. When you set up a new campaign try to add two or more different ads that are similar except their image. Later, come back and see which one is converting the best. Don’t forget to add a CTA (Call-to-action) button and make sure you follow the Facebook’s 20% text policy. (aka Ads must not include added or excessive text that comprises more than 20% of the image)

Question: Do you track your leads?

Facebook’s conversion tracking helps you to see which audience converts better. This helps you to focus and spend your budget efficiently on the audience that will bring more leads. For instance, it can provide you the age range of people who converted most on your site. Therefore, you can try to promote something more specific or even an offer to these people as they are more willing to engage with your business.

Question: Are you using the same ads for a long time?

If you are using the same ads for a long period of time, people will get sick of seeing the same thing. Try to promote different products or posts. Let people know that you are actually also active and you are promoting the right posts to them.


Know your audience. Do your research. If you don’t know what’s your audience you will spend your money inefficiently and will never promote the right content to the right people.