5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups


Most of the startups would like to start Promoting their business on the lowest cost possible and of course drawing up an efficient and cost-effective budget. Bellow there some ideal digital marketing strategies that may be useful to start with.


Facebook Targeting

Facebook Targeting lets you target profiles on the social network that can match two or more characteristics. So for instance, if you want to promote “Womens Jeans”, you can target users that frequently buy online clothes and are women. This can boost your social media campaign without spending much from you budget. In a way you try to be specific on the audience you would like to target.


Corss-Channel Remarketing

Remarketing is when your ad is displayed again on the user after he first saw it. So if a customer clicked on your ad but didn’t convert you would like to continue to serve him on the same platform, the ad, ideally a different ad. What does Cross-Channel remarketing does is that can show ads to users on additional platforms from the one they have original viewed. So if the user clicked on Google Adwords ad you can show to the same person your ad on Facebook as well. This is a powerful way that also makes your brand appear influential.


Instagram Ads

Now, it is more easy to run ads on Instagram without having an account. As you probably know Facebook owns Instagram, so these ads can be managed via Facebook. What’s more is that anyone who clicks on the ad it can directly lead him on the landing page or website URLs without filtering through an Instagram Profile.


Mobile Focus

Mobile ads costs less than desktop or tablet ads so consider focusing on mobile campaigns. You can separate campaigns which can be only focused on Mobile and allocating more funds on mobile. With Google Adwords you can also, bid more on mobile device if it makes it easier for you by not creating a new campaign.


Video Remarketing

Most Advertisers creating remarketing lists on Google Adwords. This might be wrong so better create your Remarketing Campaigns on Google Analytics and then import into Adwords. This will help you get more precise results.