5 Things You Need To Know About Posting On Social Media On Weekends

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People, blogs and brands are being very active on Social Media during weekdays. However, they turn into silent on social media on weekends.

It is important to utilize a strategy for the weekends, holidays or even if everybody is off for a long summer vacation. There are enough tools to help you to schedule your social media content even if you are unavailable. In this article we are going to explain 5 reasons you need to know about posting on social media accounts on weekends.

Different Audience

Some people do not have time to access their social media during the week. Therefore, by posting on the weekend, you will realize that the audience will be different. Additionally, even people who are interested in your posts as a side interest may find you rather more interesting on the weekend than while they are busy with their day job.

Consumer Behavior is different on weekends

People tend to have more leisure time and are more willing to consume not only content but also buy products. This is because they have more time to take a look at products or search for what they need or want to buy. Weekend days may also provide people with free mind that allows making decisions.

Show personality

Businesses tend to post more business related posts during weekdays. Why not share how you are spending your days away from your computer? This will show more personality in your posts during weekends and may inspire more engagement by asking others what their plans for the weekend.

Local businesses can offer additional value to their audience by providing some insider tips for local activities and events.

Be creative – the weekend may be your one chance for a slightly off-standard post.

The best times to post and be active on each network and niche

While might fewer people will view the posts that your post on social media on weekend day than on workday, this totally varies for various social networks and areas of interest.

According to a study by Sprout social engagement on Facebook tends to be very low on weekends, however, on Twitter this looks totally different.

Also, people on Facebook seem to be responsive for health topics on weekends and on Instagram consumer goods seem to be a hot topic.

That also means that for your specific niche, topics, and audience it might be totally different than what statistics say. Plus, it all depends on WHAT you are going to post on the weekend. In the end, you can only try and test what works for your audience on a weekend and what does not work at all.

Don’t miss out

You are definitely missing out if you do not post. Although weekend posts are not getting as much engagement, reach or conversions, a good post on a weekday it will still earn you more reach and visibility than not posting on weekends at all.