How To Choose Keywords for Google ads?

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How To Choose Keywords for Google ads?

With the use of carefully selected keywords and phrases, you can make sure that users searching on search engines like Google for items similar to yours will see your pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement. The correct keywords can lower your advertising expenses, draw in more potential customers, and boost click-through rates.

A very similar approach – and likely the same keywords – will work with Microsoft Advertising as well.

#1. CPC of the Keyword

High volume words might not even be getting bids, which could be one reason they don’t produce better results. These will probably still not enhance your conversions despite having a higher CPC. Watch out for these tricky words.

#2. Be Specific and Target Market

You might specialize in selling a certain kind of products. Thus, you won’t get a lot of impressions for such keywords. You have a specialized target market that isn’t the bulk of people and is very focused on what they want. Don’t be put off by poor numbers if long-tail keywords are the focus of your strategy.

Use specific words or phrases rather than excessively general ones. Avoid the temptation to include keywords that aren’t relevant to your advertisement but drive a lot of traffic. Your firm may suffer as a result of the uninterested customers you draw, higher costs, and increased risk of lawsuits.

#3. The Price of Your Offer

Usually, as your price rises, so will the amount you can afford to spend on advertising. However, if your product is cheap, it might not be wise to place high bids on keywords because of the small chance of making a profit.

#4. The purpose of Your Google Ads

Always keep your campaign’s objective in mind. The overall number of conversions won’t be a distinguishing indicator if all you’re trying to do is raise awareness of your brand in the market.

#5. Keywords Performance 

Your CTR and CPC for a certain term are excellent places to start. The conversions that these phrases produce will be shown in conversions they deliver.

#6. Exclude Negative keywords

Negative keyword exclusion can help prevent your advertisement from being seen in pointless searches. To expressly exclude a keyword, place a minus sign before it. In order to prevent your advertisement from appearing in searches for gardening books. Another example, you can make video cameras negative term if you only sell cameras.

#7. Language and location targeting

To make sure the right people see your ads, you can adjust language and location options. Make sure your location targeting always corresponds to the location of your business. You can define territories, nations, regions, cities, or even smaller catchment areas based on where your clients are.

Precision can be achieved with tailored targeting. Only those in the area you specify—for example, everyone who lives within ten miles of your company’s location—will see your advertisement. This is perfect, for instance, for neighborhood restaurants or businesses.